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Medical Marcom is a medical devices marketing consulting firm specializing in marketing communications and strategy, lead generation, web development, and social media.

Most clients want us to work on their websites. But we are not a “web agency.”

We are communicators and strategists.
We tell your story really well.

And since prospects research you online,

  1. We make sure your medical device website is top notch.
  2. We deliver search engine optimization strategies (so prospects can find you!).
  3. And we give prospects a compelling reason to leave valuable contact information – so you can convert them into business!

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Joe Hage is the founder of Medical Marcom, a medical marketing consultancy specializing in marketing communications, marketing strategy, lead generation, web development, and social media.I’m Joe Hage, a Wharton MBA and 20-year marketing professional. What makes Medical Marcom your resource for medical device and related marketing is this:

Before my years in medical marketing, I did everything BUT medical. Classically trained in consumer packaged goods (Kraft Foods, Campbell Soup), Internet marketing (1800FLOWERS.com), agency work, and B2B marketing (FedEx, Safeco Insurance), I use proven strategies that deliver traffic to your medical website.

And now, as the leader of the Medical Devices Group, the world’s largest medical device community and the industry’s only spam-free, curated forum for intelligent conversations with medical device thought leaders, I have unparalleled reach and credibility in the medical devices arena.

Previously, at a publicly traded medical device company, I helped create an entirely new web presence and strategy, helped increased page views by 253 percent, introduced social media, and helped generate a lead pipeline in excess of $7 million.

(See my “very colorful” resume.)

We should talk if …

  • You want to learn how I moved $150,000 in medical devices with an online promotion. I can provide you with a no-obligation check list to make your own promotion before this quarter’s end.
  • You’re an early stage medical, biotech, or related medical company looking to win venture capital or investor interest.
  • You’re a medical products distributor or medical manufacturer that sells through distribution and want to increase the number and quality of your leads.
  • You have a medical website – but it’s not getting nearly enough traffic or leads.
  • You’ve heard social media could help your company but don’t know where to begin and wonder how FDA and AdvaMed regulations fit into the equation.

In the meanwhile, allow me to forward you “Steal These Ideas: 10 Proven Lead Generators for Medical Companies,” a 25-page e-book you can show your Marketing Department and ask, “How many of these are we doing?”

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