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ACI Medical became a contract manufacturer … “because our vendors sucked”
If you want something done right, sometimes you have to do it yourself.

So began Ed Arkans’ journey into contract manufacturing. Decades later, San Diego-based ACI Medical still makes its own products – they represent 30 percent of sales – and also makes specialized parts for dozens of medical device manufacturers.

President and Founder Ed Arkans sat down with us to explain.

A Major Disruption to the Wound Therapy Market [Audio]
My conversation with Taiwanese-born Dr. Lin – who emigrated to America on his own at age 16 with his own money, sold a keypad patent to Philips in the early 90s, and now embarks on his latest innovation – was nothing short of fascinating.

IBM on the Future of Connected Health Devices
IBM: There are massive mobility, analytics, and security challenges to make all this work. We help companies connect patients and doctors online.

Medical Device PR expert: Sometimes PR is pointless Popular!
Medical device public relations expert Beverly Millson thinks PR is productive for medical device companies. In most cases.

Arterial vs venous stent? Veniti Medical first to distinguish them.
Sean Morris, the CEO of Veniti Medical, pioneers in the venous disease space, shares new products he’ll bring to market.

A huge American opportunity waiting to happen
Cellsonic machines can heal wounds, handle any mutant strain of malaria, and smooth out cellulite – but not in the US – and trials will be very, very expensive.

Newer #MedDevice chats now posted on the Medical Devices Group website
Click above to catch other interviews, now hosted for our Medical Devices Group.

What healthcare SAAS provider Appature can do for you
This healthcare SAAS provider helps healthcare marketers deepen brand relationships with a proprietary technology solution called Appature Nexus.

How NEEDL plans to disrupt pharma sales Popular!
The implication for medical device sales? Recognize the chain of influence is changing for you as surely as it is in pharmaceutical sales.

Medify CEO ready to wage war
Serial entrepreneur Derek Streat is ready to wage war for patients looking for reliable medical information online.

Zacks Investment Research on #MedDevice microcaps
CFA Brian Marckx, Senior Medical Device Analyst with Zacks Investment Research, discusses his three favorite medical device microcap ideas with our readers.

The Answer to the Healthcare Crisis? Popular!
Jomo Starke, manager of health information exchange for SynerMed, sees the path to a sustainable healthcare system in the US. But you might not like his answer.

Your Healthcare Call Point NEEDS You – Now More Than Ever Popular!
TIGI Senior Partner Sam O’Rear challenges you to move a level above your traditional call points using your understanding of healthcare reform as leverage.

XLHealth on Medicare, Monitoring, and Members
An interview with Robb Cohen, Chief Government Affairs Officer for XLHealth, the largest Medicare Chronic Special Needs Plan in the country.

Detailing Your #MedDevice
Does your salesforce have iPads for electronic demos yet? Joe Doyle helped introduce a detailing app for a very grateful client.

How Biomet Prepares for an FDA Audit
Biomet Orthopedics Manager of Clinical Affairs Keli Hankee explains how she prepares for the inevitable … an FDA audit.

Doctors in Pain
If you’re marketing medical devices, understand your physician customers’ pain points. An interview with Practice Management Specialist Cindy Dunn.

5 Misconceptions You Have About Cell Therapy
Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine are widely misunderstood.
Cell Therapy Consultant Lee Buckler dispels five cell therapy misconceptions.

Dr. Luks WON’T See You Now, Unless … Popular!
A medical device marketing company can learn a lot from orthopedist Dr. Howard Luks.
His views on LinkedIn, Smith & Nephew, DePuy, Biomet; more.

Economic Turmoil’s Impact on National Healthcare Reform Popular!
National healthcare reform questions have changed. The American healthcare reform debate is no longer about repeal. It’s about managing expenditures.

MedDevice Companies: Falling Behind
Why medical device companies are falling behind other industries in social media and what might get medical device marketers to act.

Using PR to Reach Investors and Physicians
An evolving FDA process may be contributing indirectly to shrinking medical device coverage suggests Chris Gale, SVP for EVC Group.

Selling Devices into Primary Care
Is the practice independent or affiliated with a hospital? If hospital, is a GPO involved? Check before you try to demo!

@FDALawyers on Regulatory Crackdowns Popular!
Three government crackdowns targeting medical device and pharma companies. FDA Lawyers Darshan Kulkarni comments.

And Then There’s MAUDE
If you don’t know about MAUDE (Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience), Emerging Technologies Librarian for the University of Michigan PFAnderson, shares, “MAUDE is full of all those stories a medical device company doesn’t want you to hear.

Are ACOs S.T.U.P.I.D. or S.M.A.R.T.? Popular!
Board certified Jeff Cohen thinks “ACOs are S.T.U.P.I.D.” publisher Gregg Masters disagrees. Stupid or not, ACOs are happening.

How to Influence Physician Referrals Popular!
If you are in medical devices and want to drive referrals to your specialist network, meet Mary Pat Whaley, the Manage My Practice blogger who helps medical device companies better understand what physician offices need and want.

Selling “Through” Physicians?
What happens when the medical device buyer is the specialist but the primary care physician is the influencer? Scott Nelson, an accomplished sales rep for Covidien’s Vascular Therapies unit, “guest stars.”

Is There a Regulation for That?
Janssen’s PASI mobile application probably should be regulated by the FDA as a medical device writes @Pharmaguy, John Mack.

The Twitter Chat that Killed Sermo Viral!
Sermo admits it listens to physicians’ conversations to mine business and competitive intel. Physician fallout was swift.

Understanding HL7 Standards
Erica Virginia Olenski, Twitter’s @TheGr8Chalupa, Marketing Communication Specialist at @CorepointHealth and Managing Editor of @HL7Standards helps explain HL7 in layman’s terms.

Teaching Social Media to Med Students
“Social media is important for budding docs for many reasons, but the biggest may be the fact that PATIENTS use it.” – Robert West, PhD

Selling to Physicians
CEO of Healthcare Marketing Centers of Excellence Simon Sikorski, MD explains, “To get a user-doctor to become champion you need to provide three core values: clinical superiority, emotional value, and business value.”

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